Biblearc TOOLS Launches October 10th

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By Andy Hubert
September 23, 2022(Updated September 26, 2022)
Category: Announcements
Biblearc has been rebuilt from the ground up to send it leaps and bounds forward in capabilities while also paving the way for many more features and improvements to come.
Before describing the new Biblearc toolbox (called Biblearc TOOLS), let’s examine Biblearc’s general improvements. These upgrades not only make the home screen a sharp Bible study tool in and of itself, but also provide a powerful core of functionality that will be available as a part of the graphical Bible study tools within projects.

Features on the new Biblearc:

  1. 159 Bible versions (up from 19!) in over 100 languages, with more to come Features 11 English translations, including the latest editions of the ESV, NASB, NIV, and NET—all with their complete publisher cross-references and study notes.
  2. Smarter, simpler user interface and navigation Super fast load time, easy paging through chapters, no tabs so as to prevent clutter, vertical reading in parallel, easy flipping through cross-references, and more!
  3. Greatly improved search Faster, more powerful, and way easier to use. Search multiple versions at once, get a book-by-book breakdown of search results, quickly find original language words to search for, and more.
  4. Full parsing of Hebrew words At last! Search the OT by morphology as well.
  5. Exhaustive ancient variant apparatus for the Greek New Testament This is incredible! See this link for more information.

Biblearc TOOLS Launches October 10th!

Key Improvements from the legacy Biblearc toolbox:

  1. Always-organized project layout No more worrying about adjusting columns and tabs; everything is simply where it makes the most sense
  2. Incredible Notes module, to include complex passage highlighting capabilities later this year Provides the most powerful, easy-to-use way of outlining a sermon or teaching
  3. All new study modules in the months to come Divisions, Word Study, Phrasing, Discourse (Arcing and Bracketing), and Diagramming
  4. Great project browser Organize projects in folders, search by passage, study methods, and project content
  5. Works offline (coming later this year) Download your favorite translations and access all your projects
  6. Easy sharing Simplified and refined
  7. Streamlined login A single login for and Biblearc EQUIP + the ability to log in on multiple devices at once

Do you have questions about our new pricing? See here.