Hebrew IV LIVE

Mastering Structure

This course series takes a unique approach to learning Biblical Hebrew, utilizing worship songs in Hebrew as the basis for learning. By immersing ourselves in Hebrew songs, absorbing vocabulary and studying grammar becomes more of a joyful activity and less of a chore. This method also directs our study of Biblical Hebrew straight to its end goal from the start—to glorify the God who has given us his priceless word. Thus, the aim of this course series is to take someone without any knowledge of Hebrew and to equip them to begin reading and understanding the text.

Hebrew IV builds upon the grammatical foundation laid in Hebrew I-III, focusing on using text hierarchy to accurately interpret the Hebrew text of Scripture.

June 24 - Aug 26 // Mon 1pm ET
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An online, interactive course

Our core courses, called “Path Courses,” are designed to lead you deeper in your study of Scripture through academic rigor and a heart of worship. We have laid out fifteen different courses along the entire spectrum of Bible study training so that there might be something for everyone—both new believers and veteran pastors, stay-at-home moms and missionaries. These courses are conveniently online and include personal coaching, feedback on assignments, big rewards, and more. All of this to help you persevere to the end and truly learn to study the scriptures in greater depth. Our classroom also covers the globe, giving you the opportunity to participate in a truly unique form of fellowship. Finally, path courses are built to equip you to use Biblearc’s extensive Bible study toolbox so you can go on to discover new biblical glories for yourself.

About the “studying with precision” series

To precisely divide the Word of God, we must learn the biblical languages. This is a long, hard road—but one with great reward. It is through a careful study of Hebrew and Greek that the gospel is guarded from false teaching. It is by the study of these ancient languages that the Church is adorned with the full counsel of God.


Hebrew I, Hebrew II, and Hebrew III (or equivalent Hebrew study in another capacity).

Meet the LIVE course instructor


Course format

Each week, students will read through one lesson with assignment elements to work on and meet together in a virtual classroom via Zoom. Students who enroll should expect to attend the class and complete each lesson on time.
During the live class time, a teacher will teach new content based on that week’s lesson, facilitate group discussions, and lead students through class projects that apply the skills and knowledge taught by the lesson. Students will also be able to sign up for one-on-one coaching times with their coach.
The course requires about three-four hours per week from students. This includes reading the lesson, completing the assignment, and participating in the live class time.

Course requirements

Weekly Requirements: The course requires students to complete three tasks each week:
  1. Read the lesson content (about 1.5 hours)
  2. Complete the assignments (about 1.5-2.5 hours)
  3. Participate in a live class (about 1 hour)
Assignments: Weekly assignment elements allow students to apply the principles they learn.
Assessment: During the final week of the course, students will prepare for the assessment. During the one-hour assessment, students will answer several short-answer and multiple-choice questions, and affirm their completion of their Biblical Hermeneutic Reference Page that will be built throughout the course.
Certificate: Students who successfully complete the course and pass the assessment will earn Biblearc’s Hebrew IV Certificate (see sample).


This live class meets on Mondays from June 24 – August 26 @ 1 PM ET.
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