By Andy Hubert
August 15, 2023
Category: Announcements
Our September to November courses are now open for enrollment! Each course is 10 weeks long and is a sweet opportunity to go deeper in Scripture than perhaps you ever have before. Click on a course to learn more.
In addition, take advantage of our biggest sale of the year and get 35% off an annual subscription to Biblearc EQUIP.
By Nate Davidson and Brent Karding
July 26, 2023
Category: Announcements
Online training and Bible studies abound in our day. What makes Biblearc EQUIP unique? Why do we exist? To answer these questions, we wrote a vision statement:
We equip the church to follow Jesus through the faithful and accurate study of his Word.
Let’s unpack that vision statement. ...
By Andy Hubert
June 22, 2023
Category: Announcements
A couple of months ago, Biblearc hosted our first-ever Live Arcing Workshop—which turned out to be an unequivocal success! Thirty-five participants from five churches joined us for a Friday evening/Saturday morning event. The workshop featured two tracks:
Introduction to Arcing Kick-Start – for those new to arcing as a Bible study tool. In this track, we covered the content from the first four lessons of the Arcing course in order to set participants up to successfully complete the course online (with a complimentary subscription to Biblearc EQUIP). ...
By Brent Karding
June 9, 2023
Category: Announcements
Now that our final Greek course, Greek IV, is complete, we wanted to include all four cheat sheets in one place. Here you can download cheat sheets for every aspect of Greek, including nouns, participles, infinitives, and finite verbs, as well as the cheat sheet that helps you mark up the Greek text.
By Andy Hubert
May 19, 2023
Category: Announcements
Our June–August courses are now open for enrollment. Each course is 10 weeks long. You are welcome to enroll whether or not you were able to participate in Term 1 or 2 courses for that track.
Track 1: Pastors for Better Preaching
Track 2: For Those Who Always Wanted to Go to Seminary ...