By Andy Hubert
September 1, 2021
Category: Announcements
Presenting “The King’s Bible”—the Hebrew text of the Torah (Pentateuch) in a format for creating your own personal handwritten copy. This is what Israel’s king was commanded to do, and for really good purposes...
God's word is precious.
It is to be read, studied, memorized, meditated upon, and lived out. This remains true for the New Covenant believer, no less as regards the Book of the Law. While we are not under the statutes of the Old Covenant, we are most definitely in earnest need of its words. Here, we learn of wisdom and see the heart of God. Here, we discover justice and mercy. And from here, we are led to the One who fulfilled it all on our behalf. In seeing more of Jesus, believing every word, and submitting to the Spirit's application in our lives, we keep God's law (New Covenant style)...and ...
By Andy Hubert
August 30, 2021
Category: Announcements
We love the NT, but let’s be honest: this command first refers to the Old Testament. So, pastor, are you preaching the word? Do you regularly and rightly exposit the OT?
A faithful pastor must preach from the OT with exegesis faithful to the text. And few things help us more in this mission than a strong grasp of Hebrew—something that only comes by working your Hebrew muscles.
In this upcoming course, we will work those Hebrew muscles weekly in a live, interactive class over Zoom—reading, translating, and addressing exegetical questions—as we work through Genesis 1-11 together. You will also be fully equipped to (optionally) build off that weekly time with written and audio vocab lists, Hebrew worship songs based on texts of Scripture, and the opportunity to phrase, arc, or bracket through that week’s ...
By Nate Davidson
August 30, 2021
Category: Announcements
39 You study the Scriptures diligently because you think that in them you have eternal life. 40 These are the very Scriptures that testify about me, yet you refuse to come to me to have life!
—John 5:39–40 (NIV)
Biblearc is all about studying the Scriptures diligently. We provide tools like arcing and phrasing that allow you to dig deeper. We teach courses that equip you for serious study. But tools and methods for diligent study are not enough. As Jesus makes clear in John 5, we can spend ourselves studying the Scriptures, but such study merely condemns us unless it leads us to Christ. Fruitful Bible study interprets the Bible as the Bible itself demands to be read. Thus it leads us to see and savor God’s glory in Christ (Jn ...
By Nate Davidson & Andy Hubert
July 29, 2021
Category: About Us
Online training and Bible studies abound in our day. What makes Biblearc EQUIP unique? Why do we exist?
Biblearc EQUIP exists to strengthen the church to follow Jesus by faithfully studying his Word.
What we teach ...
By Andy Hubert
July 28, 2021
Category: Announcements
The new Biblearc roll-out has begun.
We are very excited to be launching a completely new Biblearc in the weeks and months to come. This includes a new version of the Biblearc toolbox, “The Biblearc Study Bible” (new!), and fresh iOS and Android apps. But there is no need to hold back your excitement, for Biblearc EQUIP is already here.
Biblearc EQUIP is a subscription service for live and self-paced Bible study courses, along with a learning resources video library. The courses are dynamic and ever-expanding, with multiple levels of interactivity including personal coaching. Course topics will range from Bible study methods to book studies to the original ...