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Biblearc EQUIP is a subscription service for live and self-paced Bible study courses, along with a learning resources video library. Our courses are dynamic and ever-expanding, with multiple levels of interactivity including personal coaching. Course topics range from Bible study methods to book studies to the original languages.

LIVE Courses
Online learning does not mean learning alone.
This is what our LIVE courses are all about. All courses above with a scheduled date range are available to take “live” during those dates, or in self-paced mode after they are complete. While live, these courses allow you to engage at a deeper level within the Biblearc community and with Biblearc instructors, with weekly classroom times over Zoom. They are also an excellent way to stay accountable to push forward in the courses through the busyness of life.
Self-Paced ”Path Course“

Our Path Courses represent the core work of our ministry. These courses equip students with the skills and knowledge to read the Bible faithfully and accurately. Many of our Path Courses have already been released (see below), with more coming soon. Our Path Courses also include big rewards to encourage you to work hard and press on. May you earn them all!

Looking for some guidance as to where to start, and where to go from there? Check out our suggested tracks.
Learning Resources Video Library
Access over 200 short, devotional learning videos, demonstrating Arcing, Bracketing, Phrasing, and Diagramming. Most of these videos come in sets of two: a 2-minute “take-away” video laying out the glorious conclusions derived from the study, and a 10-15 minute lesson video that demonstrates how to get there.
Example 2-Minute Take-Away Video

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