Using Rich Resources in Bible Study

The Biblearc Treasury course will teach students how to rightly use commentaries and other resources in both their personal Bible study and in preparing a message to teach or preach.

The LIVE course will run from Sept 29 – Dec 16.
Class time options: Wed 2pm ET or Thu 8pm ET.

Launches as a self-paced course Jan 3.
(Self-enrollment disabled)
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Whoever isolates himself seeks his own desire; he breaks out against all sound judgment.
Proverbs 18:1

There are two ditches to avoid when studying the Bible: you can rely too much on commentaries and the thoughts of others instead of carefully and prayerfully thinking through a passage yourself, or you can follow an individualistic, “Bible-only” methodology and avoid the writings of others. The problem with the first ditch is too much reliance on second-hand information, while the problem with the second is too much reliance on your own abilities.
The Biblearc Treasury course will help students avoid both ditches. It will teach students how to rightly use commentaries and other resources in both their personal Bible study and in preparing a message to teach or preach.

An online, interactive course

Our core courses, called “Path Courses,” are designed to lead you deeper in your study of Scripture through academic rigor and a heart of worship. We have laid out fifteen different courses along the entire spectrum of Bible study training so that there might be something for everyone—both new believers and veteran pastors, stay-at-home moms and missionaries. These courses are conveniently online and include personal coaching, feedback on assignments, big rewards, and more. All of this to help you persevere to the end and truly learn to study the scriptures in greater depth. Our classroom also covers the globe, giving you the opportunity to participate in a truly unique form of fellowship. Finally, path courses are built to equip you to use Biblearc’s extensive Bible study toolbox so you can go on to discover new biblical glories for yourself.


None. (But we highly recommend that you have experience in at least one Bible study method like Arcing, Bracketing, Paraphrase, or Phrasing.)

Course Format

Treasury is a LIVE course running from Sept 29 – Dec 16. Each week, students will read through one lesson, meet together in a virtual classroom via Zoom, and complete an assignment. There are two options for your class time: Wed 2pm ET or Thu 8pm ET. Students who enroll should expect to attend one of these virtual classes and complete each lesson and assignment on time.
During the live class time, a teacher will teach new content based on that week's lesson, facilitate group discussions, and lead students through class projects that apply the skills and knowledge taught by the lesson. Students will also be able to sign up for one-on-one coaching times with the teacher.
The course requires about three-four hours per week from students. This includes reading the lesson, participating in a live class time, and completing the assignment.

Course Requirements

Weekly Requirements: The course requires students to complete three tasks each week:
  1. Read the lesson content (about 1.5 hours)
  2. Participate in a live class (about 1-1.5 hours)
  3. Complete the assignment(s) (about 1 hour)
Assignments: Weekly assignments allow students to apply the principles they learn, using extrabiblical resources.
Bibliography: Throughout the course, students will create their own bibliography of top resources for each of the Five Horizons, which they will use for the assignments at the end of each lesson.
Assessment: During the final week of the course, students will prepare for the assessment. The teacher will assign each student a specific Bible passage. During the one hour assessment, students will answer questions that lead them to apply the principles learned in the course to interpret that passage.
Certificate: Students who successfully complete the course and pass the assessment will earn Biblearc’s Treasury Certificate.


Treasury—Using Rich Resources in Bible Studypdf
Course objectives, description, format, requirements, and schedule


This is a great resource for helping Christians understand their primary Source, the Bible—God's Word. It shows the importance of avoiding two huge pitfalls of interpretation, like over-subjectivism (“How do I understand the Text?”) or over-reliance on the experts (“How do they understand the Text?”). It is filled with common sense and astute wisdom which will help Christians understand the Word and grow deeper in their faith. I highly recommend this work!
-Dr. Stephen Dempster, author of Dominion and Dynasty
A huge part of successful Bible study is learning how to slow down and observe truth that has always been in the biblical text but which you haven’t seen before because you lacked the lenses. Most of these lenses are simple questions (Who? When? Why?) and labels (“context,” “theme,” “phrase”) and study tools (commentaries, study Bibles, Bible software—and Arcing). The Biblearc Treasury course is an engaging, efficient, practical introduction to the lenses you’ve been wanting, the ones that help you better understand what God has revealed to the world through his word.
-Dr. Mark Ward, editor of Bible Study Magazine
The Biblearc's Treasury course is a great resource. It has every virtue one seeks in an introduction to Bible study. It is faithful, accurate, clear, well-written, wise, and reliable. This resource is easy to read and it rests on deep knowledge, so that leaders can confidently put [it] into the hands of their people.
-Dr. Dan Doriani, author of Putting the Truth to Work

A Note on Scripture Citations

When the course quotes from Scripture, it is quoting from the ESV unless otherwise noted. For more information on the ESV, visit