New: Hebrew Cross-Training

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By Andy Hubert
August 30, 2021
Category: Announcements

Preach the word.
2 Timothy 3:16

We love the NT, but let’s be honest: this command first refers to the Old Testament. So, pastor, are you preaching the word? Do you regularly and rightly exposit the OT?
A faithful pastor must preach from the OT with exegesis faithful to the text. And few things help us more in this mission than a strong grasp of Hebrew—something that only comes by working your Hebrew muscles.

In this upcoming course, we will work those Hebrew muscles weekly in a live, interactive class over Zoom—reading, translating, and addressing exegetical questions—as we work through Genesis 1-11 together. You will also be fully equipped to (optionally) build off that weekly time with written and audio vocab lists, Hebrew worship songs based on texts of Scripture, and the opportunity to phrase, arc, or bracket through that week’s text.
Ready to dig in and get to the top of the hill?