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By Andy Hubert
December 12, 2023
Category: Announcements
Learning to arc passages of the Bible over a decade and a half ago changed my life. It brought me to terms with the reality that every verse of Scripture falls within a logical flow. You already know that we ought to pay attention to the context of a passage. But simply saying that is not enough. We must learn how contextual structure is built, so we can see precisely how any given verse fits within it. It is built with logic and the method of Arcing serves to press the issue of the logic of the Bible like nothing else. Because of Arcing, I understand the Bible better. Join us, and you will too.
What about Hebrew? This is the language of three-quarters of the Bible! It is the language of the book of beginnings, of the divine Law, of Scripture’s wisdom literature, and of the Bible’s songbook. And it is a beautiful language. If you completed Hebrew I, you have a good foundation—press forward with us into Hebrew II. If you have taken Hebrew in the past but need a major refresher, join us for Hebrew II as we dive into verbs. Or if you have never started Hebrew, jump into our new self-paced Hebrew I to get started.