The King’s Bible

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By Andy Hubert
September 1, 2021
Category: Announcements
Presenting “The King’s Bible”—the Hebrew text of the Torah (Pentateuch) in a format for creating your own personal handwritten copy. This is what Israel’s king was commanded to do, and for really good purposes...

God's word is precious.
It is to be read, studied, memorized, meditated upon, and lived out. This remains true for the New Covenant believer, no less as regards the Book of the Law. While we are not under the statutes of the Old Covenant, we are most definitely in earnest need of its words. Here, we learn of wisdom and see the heart of God. Here, we discover justice and mercy. And from here, we are led to the One who fulfilled it all on our behalf. In seeing more of Jesus, believing every word, and submitting to the Spirit's application in our lives, we keep God's law (New Covenant style)...and live.
It is in this spirit that you are invited to write out every word of this great book for yourself—to learn the fear of the LORD.

Note: For those with a strong grasp of biblical Hebrew, it is recommended that you copy the text line-for-line in Hebrew, including English notes off to the side. For others, it will be more helpful to write out the full text as a translation.