Why Treasury?

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By Brent Karding
September 21, 2021
Category: Announcements
At Biblearc, we love doing the hard work of studying God's Word first-hand—digging into it ourselves with our own tools and not relying on others to do the work for us. It is natural for those who have taken our Arcing course, for example, to avoid the ditch of over-reliance: relying too much on second-hand information, mindlessly accepting others’ conclusions.
But that can leave us vulnerable to the ditch of self-reliance: relying solely on our own minds, thoughts, and conclusions, while ignoring wise voices who contradict us.
We have produced the Treasury LIVE course to help you avoid these ditches. This course will give you a firm grip on the steering wheel so you can stay on the road of accurate Bible interpretation, both working hard to think through a passage yourself and listening to experts of the past and present who have studied that same passage. You can become an expert driver on this road!
To this end, the Treasury course will help you master the wise use of commentaries.
But we don't stop there: you need to be able to wisely use resources on biblical theology, systematic theology, historical theology, and practical theology as well. Thus we will also spend time focusing on those disciplines of theology so that you can better understand these different approaches and reap the most benefit from each one of them.
Our prayer is that by the time you finish the course, you will be strongly equipped to wisely use these rich resources as you study God’s Word, enriching your own walk with God and your teaching of others.