Arcing/Bracketing Romans 12-15

Living, Gospel Worship

Arc or Bracket through Romans 12-15 in the context of a community that is serious about seeing and savoring God’s glory in Christ in all of Scripture.

Note: This course was originally presented LIVE in the Spring of 2022. It is now available as a self-paced course with feedback from a coach and key video clips from the live class times.
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This book study leads students to arc or bracket through Romans 12-15. It gives students the opportunity to dive deeply into this practical holiness section of Romans while sharpening their skills in the Arcing or Bracketing Bible study method. Students will do all this in the context of a community that is serious about seeing and savoring God's glory in Christ in all of Scripture.
Hi! I will serve as your instructor for this course. I created Biblearc years ago and it is my joy to continue to serve in strengthening the Church through the careful handling of God’s Word through courses like these.
—Andy Hubert


This book study aims to accomplish the following objectives:
  1. To help students work slowly and carefully through Romans 12-15, coming to learn it more deeply than ever before.
  2. To guide students to discover the logical flow and main point of each passage we cover.
  3. To exhort students to better live their lives in gospel worship and service.
  4. To equip students with the knowledge and skill to arc/bracket NT epistles faithfully.


  1. Create an initial arc or bracket and work through the key issues of the text. (About two hours of work.)
  2. Watch key clips from the live discussion and view the instructor’s work. (About one hour.)
  3. Make any changes to your arc/bracket, if desired, and ask your coach outstanding questions. (About one hour.)

Am I ready for this course?

Students should come to this course with a basic skill and knowledge of the Bible study method of Arcing or Bracketing. Students may gain such understanding via Biblearc’s Arcing and Bracketing Path Courses.