Coaching Without a Course

Get Feedback When In Between Courses

If you aren’t currently taking one of our courses, but would like feedback on an arc, a bracket, a phrase, or a diagram you are working on outside a course, this “course” is for you! (You can also get original language help.)

Up to two 15-minute video calls per month are included with your Biblearc EQUIP subscription, and we would be happy to spend them helping you grow in your ability to rightly handle God’s Word. Follow the instructions below to set up a call.

How it Works

  1. Enroll in this course.
  2. Answer the question in this course’s only lesson so we can decide which coach to assign you, and submit the lesson.
  3. Your coach will respond to your lesson on the EQUIP page and give you a link to schedule a video call.

Our Coaches

Remember, this option is only for those who aren’t currently receiving coaching for another course.