Lesson 1 | Getting the main point right

Aim of the course

Course aim and origin

Arcing is great... but what do I do when I finish my arc? How do I turn it into a teaching?

This question was the very thing that gave birth this course. For seeing wonderful things in the scriptures is great—but the fact that you can see them does not mean that you know how to speak them. Can you relate? Whether you prefer Arcing, Bracketing or Phrasing in your study, you are in the right place if your heart is to grow in your communication of the glories of God's Word.

Women taking this course

This course is meant to help students better teach the word of God. For this reason, it is primarily targeted at men as those to whom God has given this responsibility. The biblical teaching role of women is that of training younger women in godliness through living out the gospel beside those younger women. The Bible does not define the end of this calling as the formal exposition of the word of God, but rather the honor of those same scriptures, which is a very high calling indeed.
Consider my arc below (containing an extra literal translation of Titus 2:3-5), along with an excellent exposition of this text from Alistair Begg.

Of course, there are many practical questions that come along with the issues raised here, but those are beyond the scope of this lesson. Suffice it to say that women are welcome to continue with this course and can expect to benefit from much of its teaching. Only they should understand that they will need to adapt the course instruction to be able to apply it to God's calling on their lives. Toward this end, you will find that several assignments include suggestions for how they can be adapted to women.