Greek Cross-Training


Feb 22 – Mar 29 // Tue 10am ET

Many of those who take a language course—even at a seminary level—never advance to the place of being able to take up their Greek testament and simply read with competence.

Biblearc’s Greek Cross-Training course aims to train you for fruitful reading of God’s word in the original languages.
(Self-enrollment disabled)
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What is Greek Cross-Training?

Greek Cross-Training is a live, interactive class that meets weekly via Zoom to read and translate Galatians together. We will use a variety of strategies to help you engage with the text. The main focus will be on exercising your reading muscles.
We will not use class time to review vocabulary. However, we will provide resources to help you build your vocabulary on your own.

This course is for you if...

  • You are fairly new to language studies and desire to strengthen your basic knowledge.
  • You once had a good grasp of the language but have since become rusty and want to regain what was lost.
  • You are already a proficient reader of Greek and yet want to advance your skills and enjoy the camaraderie offered in such a course as this.
“Perhaps the principal reason why word studies constitute a particularly rich source for exegetical fallacies is that many preachers and Bible teachers know Greek only well enough to use concordances, or perhaps a little more. There is little feel for Greek as a language; and so there is the temptation to display what has been learned in study, which as often as not is a great deal of lexical information without the restraining influence of context. The solution, of course, is to learn more Greek, not less.” —D.A. Carson, Exegetical Fallacies


  • To encourage the habit of reading Scripture in the original languages
... in order to facilitate greater reading comprehension
... in order to grow more competent in understanding the author’s message as presented in the original language
... in order to see Christ more clearly and delight in him more fully.
  • To accomplish all of these in the context of a fellowship of believers who encourage and stir one another on to maturity.


The following requirements are meant to be a guide, not a hard and fast rule.
  • Vocabulary: able to recognize words occurring ≥ 50x in the NT
  • One year (two semesters) of language course, or the equivalent

Am I ready for this course?

If you are wondering if your Greek reading skills are sufficient to participate, take our Greek Reading Self-Assessment to help you decide.

How much preparation is expected for each class?

Because we are welcoming participants at various levels of reading proficiency and availability, we invite you to choose the level of prep-work that works best for you:
  1. No prep-work. Just show up to class to read and discuss the passage with the group.
  2. Read through the passage in Greek 1–3 times prior to class.
  3. Create an arc or bracket of the passage in Greek and your own translation. (You will be given the opportunity to share your work with the class.)


This live class meets Tuesdays at 10-11 AM ET from Feb. 22 to March 29.
Galatians 1
Galatians 2
Galatians 3
Galatians 4:1-5:1
Galatians 5:2-26
Galatians 6