Lesson 1 | The Basics

Grammar Point 1: The Alphabet and Pronunciation

The Greek Alphabet

Good news! If you watched the devotional and followed along as I read the text, you already know the first and last letter of the Greek alphabet: α (ἄλφα/alpha) and ω (ωμέγα/omega). Now, let’s learn all 24 letters of the Greek Alphabet.
The video below introduces each Greek letter with its name. Watch the video three or four times before moving on. As you listen, try to repeat the letter name. Note that the beginning of each letter contains the sound made by that letter. For example, ω (ωμέγα/omega) makes a long "o" sound.

Now, this second video introduces the sound that each letter makes. The video is a bit silly, but it will teach you how to pronounce each letter. Once again, watch the video three or four times. Focus on pronouncing each letter.

Let’s see what you’ve learned. Try to read through the letter names in the chart below.

Now, press the “Shuffle” button and go slowly through the flashcards below. Practice saying each letter aloud and making its sound. After doing so, flip a card to see if you got it right. Do not move on in this lesson until you know each letter and its sound. This might take awhile, but that is okay. If you find that you are missing certain letters, go back and review them in the video above.

Greek 1 (retired)