Intermediate Phrasing: 1-2 Samuel

The Exalted King

Phrase through the beginning and ending of 1 and 2 Samuel with others who are serious about seeing and savoring God’s glory in Christ in all of Scripture.

Note: This course was originally presented LIVE in the Summer of 2022. It is now available as a self-paced course with feedback from a coach and key video clips from the live class times.
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This book study leads students to phrase through the opening and ending of the book of 1-2 Samuel, from Hannah’s prayer of praise to the concluding songs of David. We will dive deep into the themes of this two-part book, which are woven into its beginning and ending, while advancing our skill in the Phrasing Bible study method to an intermediate level. Students will do all this in the context of a community that is serious about seeing and savoring God's glory in Christ in all of Scripture.


This book study aims to accomplish the following objectives:
  1. To help students learn the bookends of 1-2 Samuel more deeply than ever before.
  2. To guide students in uncovering the themes of 1-2 Samuel, and their contribution to the rest of the book.
  3. To equip students with the knowledge and skill to phrase more accurately, and on a macro level (intermediate Phrasing).
  4. To transform students through wisely and prayerfully applying the text to head, heart, and hands.


  1. Create an initial phrase (Passes 1-4) and work through the key issues of the text. (About two hours of work.)
  2. Improve your phrase based on the instructor's work and apply the text to head, heart, and hands. (About one hour.)

Am I ready for this course?

Students should come to this course with a basic skill and knowledge of the Bible study method known as Phrasing. Students may gain such understanding via Biblearc’s Phrasing Path Course.