Bracketing Romans 9–11

Oh, the Riches and Wisdom of God

Bracket through Romans 9–11 with a cohort of fellow believers serious about seeing and savoring God’s glory in Christ in all of Scripture.

[[ Students familiar with Arcing are also welcome to take this course. ]]

Note: This course was originally presented LIVE in the Fall of 2023. It is now available as a self-paced course with feedback from a coach and key video clips from the live class times.
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Romans 9–11 answers many questions believers wrestle with about the nature of salvation and the people of God: What is God’s sovereignty? How about free will? How does Israel relate to the church? In this course, we will test and refine our theology by exploring these topics, using Bracketing as our primary tool.

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This study aims to accomplish the following objectives:
  1. To help students work slowly and carefully through Romans 9–11.
  2. To guide students to discover the logical flow and main point of each passage we cover.
  3. To stir students’ delight in God’s glory displayed in his sovereignty in salvation.
  4. To equip students with the knowledge and skill to bracket NT epistles faithfully.


  1. Create an initial bracket and work through the key issues of the text. (About two hours of work.)
  2. Watch key clips from the live discussion and view the instructor’s work. (One hour.)
  3. Make any changes to your bracket, if desired, and ask your coach outstanding questions. (About one hour.)

Am I ready for this course?

Students should come to this course with a basic skill and knowledge of the Bible study method of Bracketing (or Arcing). Students may gain such understanding via Biblearc’s Bracketing Path Course.