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Online learning does not mean learning alone. One way we invite you to interact is via our regular devotional discussions on Facebook Live. An instructor and guest host each event, while students are invited to ask real-time questions for us to address. This is a great way to keep things fresh and to keep your focus on the purpose you are taking our courses in the first place—seeing God’s glory and sitting beneath his wisdom through careful study of his word.
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Conversation with Treasury Students


Discovering Practical Theology with Dr. Dan Doriani (Treasury)

Discovering Historical Theology with Dr. Michael Haykin (Treasury)

Discovering Systematic Theology with Dr. Robert Letham (Treasury)

Discovering Biblical Theology with Dr. Chris Bruno (Treasury)

Exploring Valuable Bible Study Resources with Dr. Mark Ward (Treasury)

Discussing the Textual Context with Dr. Stephen Dempster (Treasury)

Discovering the Historical Context with Dr. Benjamin Gladd (Treasury)

Taking the First Step of Bible Study with Dr. Mark Boda (Treasury)

The Importance of Sola Scriptura with Dr. Mark Jones (Treasury)

An Overview of Haggai with Dr. Michael Stead (Treasury)

The First Elder’s Meeting (Acts 20:18-35; Phrasing)

The Washing of Regeneration (Titus 3:4-7; Phrasing)

Keep God's Law, Your Wisdom (Deuteronomy 4:1-8; Arcing)

What Is the Sin That Leads to Death? (1 John 5:13-21; Phrasing)

Preaching to Imprisoned Spirits? (1 Pet 3:18-22; Paraphrase)
"Reconciled... If" (Col 1:21-23; Greek Diagramming)

Breaking Down the Christian's Armor (Didactics)

Because Your Father Knows - Matthew 6:9-15 (diagramming and Arcing)

The Blessed and Hard Work of Interpretation (with special guest Tom Steller) - Romans 15:1-7

“The Heart of Interpretation” with special guest Dr. Robert Plummer - Romans 14:20-23

“The Right Use of Scripture: Cultivating a Biblical Vision for Life” - Romans 15:7–13 (Interpretation; The Right Use of Scripture)

“Christ: The Key to Interpretation” - Romans 15:7–13 (Interpretation; Christ as the Key)

“Don’t Quarantine Your Interpretation” - Romans 15:1–6 (Interpretation and Theology) with special guest Dr. Gavin Ortlund

“Literary Genres” - Romans 14–15 (Interpretation and Biblical Genres)

"Understanding the Context" - Romans 14–15 (Interpretation and Historical-Cultural Context)

“Seeking a Biblical Hermeneutic” - Romans 14–15 (Interpretation)

"A Box of One Dozen Dietary Pitfalls: Moral Bents and Food Laws" - Romans 14 (Interpretation)

"When Biblical Authors Give Personal Opinions" - Romans 14:14 (Interpretation)

"Apply All Diligence" - 2 Peter 1:5–11 with Dr. Thomas R. Schreiner

"The Coming of the Son of Man" - Matthew 24:29–42

"The Mystery of Lawlessness" - 2 Thessalonians 2:1–12
"Writing the Bible Daily" - Deuteronomy 17:18–20

"The LORD is One" - Deuteronomy 6:4–9 (LXX)
"The Days Are Coming" - Jeremiah 33:14–26
"With Me in Paradise" - Luke 23:39-43

"The Pursuits of the Man of God" - 1 Timothy 6:11-16
"Proclaiming God to Pagans" - Arcing and Acts 17:22-31

"The Judgment Seat of Christ" - Phrasing 2 Corinthians 5:10

Diagramming Philippians 1:9-11
Helps for Arcing Narrative
Head Coverings: Cultural or Absolute?
Preaching a Phrase of Colossians 1:24-29
Choosing a Book or Passage to Teach From
Hope in the Lord!
Faith Leads to Speaking
Arcing a Difficult Passage
Can Christians Take Oaths?
Responding to Jesus' Perfect Priesthood
Teaching Children the Good News
God's Glory Revealed in a Shepherd
Fear the Lord, Not What Our Culture Fears
God Keeps His Promises
The LORD Has Done Great Things for Us!
God's Righteousness Has Been Demonstrated
Time to Wake Up!
The Blessings of Forgiveness
Phrasing a Narrative with Teaching
No Longer Children But Grown Up in Christ
The New Covenant Is Here!
Jesus Is the Ultimate Revelation of God
Text Hierarchy with Dr. DeRouchie
How Will the Son Be Subject to the Father?
Teaching Arcing to Children, Part 5
How to Phrase OT Narrative, Part 2
Teaching Arcing to Children, Part 4
God's Furious Punishment: Paraphrasing Romans 1:18-25
Teaching Arcing to Children, Part 3
Teaching Arcing to Children, Part 2
Abiding in the True Vine
Teaching Arcing to Children, Part 1
How to Phrase OT Narrative, Part 1
Applying Prophecy: Nebuchadnezzar's Dream
Looking at God's Greatest Commandment in Context
Is Divorce Allowed? What Are the Exceptions?
Preach the Word!
The Effectiveness of Jesus' Righteousness
What Does It Mean to Say "All Israel Will Be Saved"?
Idolatry Kills
How to Teach the End of an Epistle
Highlights from Hebrew
United in Christ
The Call of Wisdom
Discerning the Presence of God in Church
Called to Fight for the Faith
Delighting in God's Words
The Gospel Cure for Selfishness
God's Fitting Judgment and Free Grace
Teach Gospel Living
What It Means to Fear the Lord
Teach Gospel Living
All Things Are Possible with God
Imitating the Lord and Others
Adorning the Gospel

Lord of the Sabbath?
Unity, Election, and Life
God's Promise of Eternal Life
Reading the Prophets in Hebrew
Come, Let's Worship, Not Rebel
If You Practice These Qualities...
If... Then
When Passages Are Unclear, Part 2
Who Submits to Whom?
When Passages Are Unclear
Create an Outline: Philemon
Keep Wrestling with God
The Gift of God
What Is God's Will?
The Pathway to Joy
How to Be Content in a Covid-19 Era
The Good Life
Freedom from Financial Fear
God Is Your Strong Refuge
Why Does God Send Disasters?
Jesus as Bringer and Herald of Salvation
Imitating, Serving, and Preaching Christ
What Being Filled with the Spirit Looks Like
Jesus Rules over Everything
Discerning Takeaways in Difficult Texts
What Loving Your Enemies Looks Like
Keeping Silent in Church
How to Teach and Apply an Opening Prayer
The Lord Is Just: Fear Him
Making Diagramming Decisions in an Opening Thanksgiving
Living the Good Life
How to Bracket a Book
Israel, Turn from Sin to the Lord
Steps for Bracketing a Book of the Bible
God's Name Will Be Great among the Nations
God's Apostle Sends Grace and Peace from God to Those in Christ
Do Not Be Faithless
Follow the Principle of Modesty

The 10 Commandments in Context

See the Light of God's Salvation
Respond to Christ's Birth with Passion, Proclamation, and Praise
Christmas Is for Sinners
Zechariah's Prophetic Hope
How The Church is Included in the Old Testament
Magnifying the Lord with the Lowly
The Circular Result of Blessing the Lord
Believing Leads to Rejoicing, Even in Trials
A Godly Married Woman Will Focus on Her Family and Her Home
Mutual, Self-Giving Love Is the Only Appropriate Response to the Gospel
What Confession of Sin to a Righteous God Looks Like
God's Wisdom Will Be Vindicated in the End
Suffering before Glory: The Servant Isn't Greater Than the Master
Don't Give Up Glory for Worthlessness!
Jesus Is the Father's Spirit-Filled Son
Choose to Worship/Serve the Lord
The Heart of the Reformation, Part 2
The Heart of the Reformation, Part 1
Men: Pray in Church; Ladies: Dress Respectably and Learn Quietly
God's Grace Is for Sinners Like Us
Jesus Is a Better Savior with a Better Covenant
There Is Value in Arcing a Psalm!
Reading the OT in Context Helps Point Us to Christ
Dedicate Yourself to Your Local Church for the Eternal Glory of Christ
Know That God Will Judge Unbelievers
The Gospel Call to Repentance Gives Light to People in Darkness
How to Preach Jesus from the Old Testament
How to Paraphrase a Metaphor
Our Job Is to Trust and Love Our Savior
It Is Simple: We Need the Gospel

God Strengthens You for the Sake of Others
The Old Testament Is for You
How to Walk into Church
Praise God for Pouring out Blessings on Us
Fulfill the Law of Christ by Restoring Others