Biblearc Path Course Translation

We are excited that you are interested in helping to translate Biblearc Path Courses! Below is the process we use to complete the translation of a single Biblearc Path Course.
Because of the large amount of time and energy required to complete a full translation, part of the process is that translators perform an interest assessment for the proposed work, and then that translators fundraise the necessary funds in order to be paid for their work. Please see below for details on these two pre-translation tasks, as well as for the translation process itself.
After reading the document, please contact us to discuss any questions and/or move forward.

Phase 1: Exploration

$210 (translator ~ 22 hrs | team ~ 7 hrs/$210)

2 months

  1. Vet the proposed translator and coach (translator: 2 hrs | team: 2 hrs)
  2. This is an important step. Translators need to “count the cost” of what translating a course will require of them. Are they willing and able to fundraise the amounts needed to complete the project? Are they willing to put in the time and energy to complete steps and phases in the allotted time frames?...
  3. Is the translator qualified to be a coach? This is not essential, however it is a bonus. If not, part of the interest assessment (next step) will need to be identifying possible coaches. A third, less ideal option is to have a course with no coaching.
  4. Assess interest for proposed project (translator: 10 hrs | team: 2 hrs)
  5. Maximum time span for interest assessment is 3 weeks. If sufficient interest is not apparent within this period, the project will be tabled/canceled.
  6. If the project is tabled, the team will decide for how long to table it (with input from the translator). If/when a project comes up for consideration again, the step of interest assessment will need to be performed again.
  7. The details of how interest will be assessed will be decided on a case-by-case basis but here are basic guidelines:
  8. Interest is assessed within speakers of the language in question (both native speakers as well as non-native speakers).
  9. Translator will collect email addresses of Christians who have expressed explicit interest in taking the course after being presented a translated version of the course description.
  10. Sufficient interest to warrant translation is verified by the translator having gathered 100+ emails of interested individuals.
  11. Fundraise translator and team compensation (translator: 10 hrs | team: 3 hrs)
  12. Maximum time span for fundraising is one month. If sufficient funds have not been raised within the listed time span, the team and translator will discuss options (possibility of giving more time, whether to abandon the project, viability of starting the project on current funds, etc.)
  13. Fundraising goals depend on which phases are desired to be completed

Phase 2: Text and instructor’s work

$1,350 (translator ~ 60 hrs/$1,200 | team ~ 5 hrs/$150)

3 months

  1. Course text (translator: 40 hrs/$800 | team: 2 hrs/$60)
  2. Course text is all written text that can be accessed and edited in draft mode, including assessment
  3. Max timespan: 2 months
  4. Instructor’s work image and accompanying audio (translator: 20 hrs/$400 | team: 3 hrs/$90)
  5. Max timespan: 1 month
** At this point, course can be made public for bi-lingual users (though not widely publicized)

Phase 3: User interface and images

$530 (translator ~ 22 hrs/$440 | team ~ 3 hrs/$90)

5 weeks

  1. Course-specific UI (translator: 15 hrs/$300, team: 1 hour/$30)
  2. Max timespan: 3 weeks
  3. May already be done, depending on the language
  4. Quizlets (translator: 5 hrs/$100, team: 1 hr/$30)
  5. Max timespan: 1 week
  6. Relevant only to language courses
  7. Images containing text (translator: 2 hrs/$40 | team: 1 hr/$30)
  8. Max timespan: 1 week
** At this point, usable by students with basic English (ready to publicize generally)

Phase 4: Videos

$1,190 (translator ~ 46 hrs/$920 | team ~ 9 hrs/$270)

7 weeks

  1. Subtitles for person-on-camera videos (translator: 10 hrs/$200 | team: 2 hrs/$60)
  2. Max timespan: 2 weeks
  3. Audio recordings (translator: 4 hrs/$80 | team: 2 hrs/$60)
  4. Max timespan: 1 week
  5. Screencast videos converted to audio with images only (translator: 20 hrs/$400 | team: 3 hrs/$90)
  6. Max timespan: 1 month
  7. Animated videos converted to audio with images only (translator: 12 hrs/$240 | team: 2 hrs/$60)
  8. Max timespan: 3 weeks

Phase 5: Cheat sheets and site translation

$1,370 (translator ~ 55 hrs/$1,100 | team ~ 9 hrs/$270)

3 months

  1. Key PDFs and other attached documents (translator: 15 hrs/$300 | team 2 hrs/$60)
  2. Max timespan: 3 weeks
  3. General UI (translator: 30 hrs/$600 | team 2 hrs/$60)
  4. Max timespan: 6 weeks
  5. May already be done, depending on the language
  6. Internal note: do not include “gp” translation category
  7. OPTIONAL: Person-on-camera videos with translator/foreign language instructor on camera (translator: 10 hrs/$200 | team 5 hrs/$150)
  8. Max timespan: 2 weeks
**At this point, course can be widely publicized in the translated language (fully setup now for non-bilingual users)

Phase 6: Videos

$950+ (translator 40+ hrs/$800+ | team 5+ hrs/$150+)

1+ month

  1. OPTIONAL: Screencast videos redone foreign language instructor (translator: 40 hrs/$800 | team 5 hrs/$150)
  2. Max timespan: 1 month)
  3. OPTIONAL: Animated videos fully redone (Number of hours required depends heavily on course)