2024 LIVE Courses

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By Andy Hubert
November 16, 2023(Updated March 23, 2024)
Category: Announcements
Biblearc EQUIP’s emphasis in 2024 is focus and energy. By featuring a single LIVE Path Course at a time—each with two different class times to allow for maximum participation—we anticipate strong enrollments and a wonderful comradery as we go deeper into the Scriptures together. We begin with the classic course that is central to our identity: Arcing. (The line-up also includes the brand-new Markup course!)
Our second track of courses is dedicated to learning language for the sake of getting God’s word right. This will kick off with Hebrew verbs in our Hebrew II course. If you haven’t taken Hebrew I, this still leaves you with two options. For those who have studied Hebrew in the past but do not have a strong handle of this language, jumping in with us as we begin to tackle verbs makes a lot of sense. For those who have never taken Hebrew, you are welcome to enroll in the self-paced Hebrew I I right away so you may catch up and join us. (Be sure to let your coach know that you have this goal.)
Finally, 2024 will also usher in an all-new type of course on Biblearc EQUIP: free mini-courses! (More info to come.)

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