Why Support Bible Tags?

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By Brent Karding
November 9, 2021
Category: Announcements
Why should Biblearc users be interested in supporting Bible Tags? We at Biblearc believe our users around the world have two basic characteristics in common:
  1. They love God's Word.
  2. They love sharing God's Word.
So they not only want to see Jesus' glory more clearly through studying his Word, but also for other people to see his glory more clearly. Those thrilled with Scripture long to see others thrilled with Scripture. Those who have tasted that the Lord is gracious are not cul de sacs but conduits of grace.
And while many original language Bible study tools exist in English, enabling English speakers to more accurately dig down into the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek Scriptures and dig up insights, very few exist in other languages. So our heart is not satisfied that we English-speakers can enjoy original language Bible study while many brothers and sisters around the world are unable to.
This is the heart behind Bible Tags: to provide tools for faithful study of Scripture in thousands of languages around the world.
We are still raising funds for Phase 3 of our project. The need is great. Won't you join with us in spreading Jesus' glory to the nations?