A Prophetic Christmas

Advent 2020

A four-week exploration of the prophetic announcements surrounding Messiah’s birth in Luke 1–2.

This real-time course will guide you through a study of the structure, thought flow, main point(s) and takeaways of four prophetic announcements relating to the birth of Christ. Our aim: to grow our hope and joy in Jesus.

We will study one passage each week, highlighting a variety of Biblearc tools including Phrasing, Arcing, Bracketing, and Paraphrase. Old Testament connections within each passage will also be explored in depth. The course will provide study guides for each passage, keys and tips related to the various tools, and interactive discussions via Facebook Live and an optional discussion group.

The course is free to audit. Simply click the "enroll in this course" button below and decline a coach.

If you would like to receive coaching throughout the course and personalized feedback on your assignments, simply select that option within the enrollment form. If you do not currently have The Biblearc Subscription + Online Courses add-on, we will send you an email to walk you through how to sign up.
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Mike Lane, Brent Karding, Nate Davidson, Andy Hubert, Josué Pineda


November 29th – December 26th, 2020

FB Live
Nov. 29-Dec. 5
Mary’s Song of Praise (Luke 1:46–55)
Dec. 1st
Dec. 3rd at 8 pm (est)
Dec. 6-12
Zechariah’s Prophecy (Luke 1:67–80)
Dec. 8th
Dec. 10th at 8 pm (est)
Dec. 13-19
Angels & Shepherds (Luke 2:8–20)
Dec. 15th
Dec. 17th at 8 pm (est)
Dec. 20-26
Simeon’s Blessing (Luke 2:22–35)
Dec. 22nd

Course Aim

To meditate on the meaning and significance of Messiah’s advent as presented in Luke’s Gospel, for the purpose of increased hope and joy through this advent season.

Course Format

Lesson content will be released each Sunday (beginning Nov 29th). Students may explore this content and the focus passage at their convenience throughout the week. Both the FB Live and the Discussion Group are optional components for the class. We encourage you to join in, but you are not required to do so. Students will be able to view recordings of the FB Live at a later time if they miss the live event.

Assignments and Feedback

As some students will be new to particular Biblearc tools and others may be seasoned veterans, each week’s assignment will include options based on experience. The course instructors will provide feedback for each assignment submitted by students with a coach. Students who are auditing the course will not receive feedback on their assignments.




This course is free to audit. For coaching, the course is included in the Online Courses add-on to The Biblearc Subscription.

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