Course Kick-Off


We are excited that you have chosen to look at the Bible with us as we seek to unpack how the Bible itself demands to be read.
This kick-off lesson prepares you for the course. Interpretation: Seeking a Biblical Hermeneutic is a long and demanding course. We urge you to see this course all the way through. Making steady progress may become difficult. The content of the course may sometimes overwhelm you. You might get stuck on an assignment. But press on by the Lord’s grace! We’re confident that this course will forever change how you read your Bible. We hope and pray that our God uses this course to humble you before his Word, to abound your joy in Christ, and to equip you to walk faithfully as you seek to glorify him.
To prepare yourself for the journey ahead, take some time to pray that God would prepare you to learn and strengthen you to endure through the course:

Write your prayer for preparation and strength here:

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