New on Biblearc EQUIP: 2023 LIVE Tracks

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By Andy Hubert
November 29, 2022(Updated August 15, 2023)
Category: Announcements

For Purposeful Deeper Study of Scripture

Open for Enrollment


Why course tracks?

We hope to serve Biblearc users even better in 2023 by providing our LIVE courses in well-tuned “tracks” that will advance students forward in a very substantial way over the course of the year.

Can I still participate after the Jan–Mar term has begun?

Absolutely. While you are not able to participate in the Jan–Mar term LIVE courses, you are still welcome to enroll in LIVE courses offered later in the year. If you need to wait more than a month for the next term to begin, you are encouraged to find a self-paced course to take in the meantime.

Why only three different class times?

LIVE class times for a given track will be held at a single day and time for the entire year to best enable users to take several (if not all) of the courses of that track. Doing so will also add to the comradery among students as they will be studying with the same core group throughout 2023.

Can I participate in a track if I am unable to make the live class time?

While this is not ideal, you are still welcome to join a course track even if you cannot make the live class time. In this case, you may request a link to the Zoom recordings to watch those class times at your convenience.

Are there prerequisites to any of the tracks?

For Tracks 2 & 3, there are no prerequisites.
For Track 1, the prerequisite of Greek I–III (or equivalent) is required to take Greek IV. Pastors interested in this track, but who do not meet this requirement, are encouraged to take our self-paced Arcing course during Jan–Mar instead of Greek IV, as either Arcing or Bracketing are required for The Theology of Biblical Poetry (Apr–May) and Didactics LIVE (Jun–Aug).

When exactly do courses begin and end?

First week
Last week
January 15th–21st
March 19th–25th
10 weeks
April 16th–22nd
May 21st–27th
6 weeks
June 4th–10th
August 13th–19th*
10 weeks
September 10th–16th
November 12th–18th
10 weeks
December 3rd–9th
December 17th–23rd
3 weeks
* No class the week of July 2nd – 8th.